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Cedar Chapel Special School, located in Snow Hill, Maryland, is a public separate day school serving students from the ages of three to twenty-one with the most significant intellectual disabilities combined with medically fragile conditions who live in Worcester County. Staff members are committed to meeting the needs of all students in a positive and supportive environment. Students are challenged to meet high expectations in order to develop skills needed for independence and post graduation success. Working in partnership with families and local resources, we believe that all students can achieve success. The CCSS educational programs are designed for students who require comprehensive special education in a more restrictive setting for the entire school day through direct systematic instructional opportunities. Instructional areas include English language arts, mathematics, social studies, and science as outlined in the Maryland College and Career Ready State Curriculum, vocational skills, life skills, and communication skills based on the needs of each child. The student body participates in community events such as art shows, Special Olympics, Prom, and music performances.

CCSS students graduate at the age of 21 (or 20 if their 21st birthday occurs in the summer before the 1st day of school in September) with a Certificate of Completion rather than a High School Diploma as students work to master modified grade level content standards with a strong focus on Life Skills and Vocational Skills in order to prepare students for their optimal level of independence. Some graduates will venture into the world of work through Supported Employment that would include appropriate safety supports and other graduates will transition into various supported programs based on their intellectual, medical, and safety needs.



  • The special education team utilizes a deep and rich data dive over time, based on the most recent assessment data compared to multi-year historic data to determine if CCSS is the best placement for a student in order to ensure that the Worcester County learning community is considering the Least Restrictive Environment for ALL students. The team also evaluates eligibility by reviewing all interventions completed to ensure that only students with the most significant cognitive disabilities combined with medically fragile conditions attend a more restrictive environment. 

  • It is the goal of the Worcester County learning community to exhaust all Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 interventions in the general education setting where students must be registered (in the school closest to the child's home) before an Individual Education Program (IEP) team decision is made to transition a student to a more restrictive environment of a separate public day school. Registration directly to CCSS is not possible due to the intense eligibility process and why registration to the home school must occur first.

  • These decisions are made with caution and may take some time because the team would be altering the learning path of a student from a High School Diploma to a Certificate of Completion which will significantly limit post graduation opportunities due to the narrowing of the daily curriculum.

Cindy Cook

CIS Community School Liaison

Ms. Cindy Cook

Communities In Schools (CIS) works by bringing community resources directly into schools through embedding a trained Community School Liaison whose sole focus is helping connect students with additional supports to help them learn.

If you need assistance accessing community resources, please contact Ms. Cindy Cook at 410-632-5230.